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Mistake #3: 7 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

#3   Not Counting Beverage Calories

For some reason, people forget that beverage calories count. Or maybe we just turn a blind eye! Either way, it is important to remember that beverage calories are inherently less satisfying, so they don’t curb hunger. That 100-calorie beverage you sip at each meal (juice, milk, wine, soda) does little to satiate your appetite.

If you drink three or four 100-calorie beverages each day, you’ve increased your calorie load with less satisfaction than something you chew – not a good trade-off when you could have enjoyed two snacks consisting of real food instead. Stick to zero calorie beverages like water, coffee, and tea.

If you aren't ready to resort to water and tea, here are some healthy drink ideas to keep you hydrated and nourished.

And a couple healthy tips for alcohol drinkers:

*If you’d rather cut back than cut out alcohol, order drinks that will help you take in less alcohol per volume, like a wine spritzer instead of a glass of wine.

*Use watered down frozen, unsweetened fruit to create a cocktail base, spruced up with antioxidant rich add-ins like fresh grated ginger. A favorite combo is strawberries with sprigs of fresh mint.

You may want to educate yourself on the best and worst booze to drink for if you are trying to lose weight!

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