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Aging Gracefully: An Interview with my Grandmother

"Some people as they grow up become less. As children they have glorious ideas of who they are and of what life has for them. Thirty years later we find that they have settled for something grubby and inane. What accounts for the exchange of childhood aspiration to the adult anemia? Other people as they grow up become more. Life is not an inevitable decline into dullness; for some it is an ascent into excellence." -Run With the Horses, by Eugene Peterson

I find myself asking along with Peterson: "How do I leave the childish yet keep the deeply accurate perceptions of the child - that life is an adventure, that life is a contest?" Having two young children of my own, there is ample opportunity to see life through their bright eyes, with all their curiosity, adventure-led spirits and wild abandonment to what life has to offer them.

It is one thing, however, to snatch intermittent glimpses; it is another to maintain continuously that childhood wonder and live with that same kind of gusto and enthusiasm, even amidst the adult challenges that can so easily thwart any sense of adventure within our spirits. The solution is neither a simple, nor a black and white one, but it is one worth pursuing.

It seems like yesterday I was jumping out of planes and taking last minute, all-night road trips across the country - with energy left to spare. Are those endeavors now out of reach or do we allow ourselves to just believe they are? I know there are seasons in our lives that don't permit adventure and the pursuing of our passions, but have we consented to these seasons becoming permanent? If you haven't read a book from cover to cover in who knows how long, and reading is your thing, pick up a book today and make time each day to get lost in another world. If camping used to fill your senses and be your therapy, stop making excuses - make it happen.

My grandmother is an inspiration to me because, at 96 years old, she still lives passionately and deeply - she has not allowed the seasons of hardship or the passage of time to diminish her desire - nor her willingness -  to live wholeheartedly. Her mind and her health are very important to her. I hope that as I continue to grow up, I will also become more, and that starts with a choice I make each morning upon rising: will I decline into dullness today, or ascend into excellence?

Carpe Diem!

My grandmother - my inspiration

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