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Snack Ideas

Whole wheat toast spread with greek yogurt, strawberries and a drizzle of honey

In order to keep our blood sugar levels even, metabolism revved up, and gnawing hunger at bay, it is important to eat every 2-3 hours.  This regularly scheduled intake of food lets your body knows that there will always be plenty of fuel to burn, that there is no need to worry about starving to death and that it can stop storing so many calories."

The benefits of snacking every two to three hours include:

  • Have more energy
  • Kickstart your metabolism
  • Undo damage caused by years of dieting
  • Reduce cravings and hunger that cause you to overeat
  • Retain lean muscle tissue which will cause you to burn calories all day long

I have had so many clients who don't understand why they are overweight and can't lose the weight when they eat only breakfast and dinner. What they don't understand is that by NOT eating, they are doing their metabolisms a big disservice. I explain that our metabolisms are like a FIRE - how do we keep a fire burning? We stoke it - with what? Little stick and twigs - and often. What would happen if we placed a big log on the fire? We would put the fire out! The same applies when we go 4, 5,6 hours without eating, then eat a large meal because we are starving - literally. Keep your metabolism stoked by eating every two to three hours.

It's simple: eat breakfast, eat a SNACK 2-3 hours later, eat lunch, eat a SNACK 2-3 hours after lunch, then dinner. (You may need to eat TWO snacks in the afternoon if you eat dinner later in the evening)

Here are some healthy SNACK IDEAS to keep you going all day long:

- One cup of greek yogurt with berries

-Apple with string cheese or 1 tbsp of peanut butter

- EAS Carb Control Protein shake (these taste great and are very portable!)

- 2-3 egg whites with veggies and sprinkle of cheese

- Serving size of Sun Chips

- 1 cup cottage cheese mixed with salsa

- One slice of toast with peanut/almond butter (add a little honey for sweetness)

- Energy bars like Clif or Luna bars (Clif sells a kids bar called a Z bar which is great for adult, too!)

- Tuna with crackers

- Piece of fruit (medium to large)

- Veggies with dip, like hummus

- 20 almonds or cashews

- Two hard boiled eggs (if cholesterol is an issue, replace yolk with avocado)

If you aren't used to snacking, you might find it challenging in the beginning to get into this healthy habit - clients of mine have set their watches or egg timers so they remember. Eventually, your body will be your "alarm" - you will notice you are getting hungry and look down at your watch and wow! It has been 2-3 hours since you last ate. We have been trained to eat only when we are hungry - if you are not hungry, you still want to eat a snack - just choose something light and closer to 100 calories.

Get snacking today! And stay tuned for kid-friendly snacks!

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