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Not only is she beautiful, smart and sweet...Randa is the best trainer! Thank you for putting your heart into the success of your clients. I have an amazing workout with you and now, thanks to you, even when I'm alone I feel motivated and structured. Thank you for all you do!  THANK YOU to you for all of your attention to detail, motivation, and being so helpful/understanding about bringing Milana. You are extremely knowledgeable, great at what you do and really helped push me beyond what I had imagined. The two days a week with you and showing me how to more effectively work out on my own has helped more than you know. I really wish I could take you with me to our next duty station but I will continue everything you have taught and implemented. I enjoyed the training and also spending time with such a wonderful person. Milana and I love you! Thank you Randa!
-Lauren K.

Randa is an exceptional motivator who mixes up routines so you don't get bored.  Her expertise in both form and physiology helped ensure I was performing the exercises correctly. Loved working with her.
-Katie M.

You were so understanding, and helped me to set realistic goals.  I would often come to you feeling overwhelmed with all of the changes that I needed to make, and you would find small changes that I could make one step at a time.  You helped change my perspective on my daily eating habits, and showed me ways to make my workouts more effective.  Thanks to you, I was able to make some life-long changes to live a healthier lifestyle.  For this I am truly grateful!
-Tina R.

Randa is an inspiring and fun coach to be with for personal training. Very caring and attentive to your specific needs and alert to your performance while exercising so that you get your form right and chances of injury are minimal as she is watching over you. I like her gentle reminders and diet tips that she keeps giving along the way. I would definitely recommend Randa to anyone for personal training, for you get great results.

Randa has been patient, motivating and extremely positive in encouraging my mindset when I've had doubts. She has been clear and explained her techniques and methods in simple ways and has consistently stayed with me to improve form. These sessions have totally been worth my time and money. Me and my daughter have had only good times and have enjoyed our training sessions immensely. She is much more than a personal trainer. She has the ability to make her client comfortable and her gentle manner and friendly approach is highly needed when one starts working out.
-Arwa D.

Training with Randa has had a huge, positive effect on my fitness and wellness journey. My daughter said that I lost a person (in weight size). Randa is kind, professional, informative and effective. Training with Randa is one of the best decisions that I ever made.
-Mariette S.

I'm over 50. I've always eaten healthily and exercised religiously at least 5 times a week. I found myself increasing in poundage and decreasing in clothing choices! Finally, I decided to contact Randa to give me answers. She thoroughly collected information on my day-to-day habits and correctly analyzed my personal issues. I (almost) painlessly went from 136 lbs (I'm 5'2") to 118 lbs in 6 months. I've gone from an almost size 10 to a loose size 6. The exercises and eating-habit changes ("diet" is a bad word!) Randa educated me about made ALL the difference. I love wearing dresses again and my husband is not complaining!
-Susan A.


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